Tuner Setting

When supplied the tuner is set to 11,oclock , or number 5  dependent on tuner supplied we find these setting gives the best all-round performance (power/economy) for most cars and most people leave at these setting .

You can increase power to car by turning up tuner if you desire.

Because of tolerances in even 2 of the same engines the tuner is adjustable to get the best performance possible from your car engine.

To set for max performance, turn up tuner (increase clockwise) a few degrees /or click at a time and then test car for a while before increasing further.

You will reach a point where the increase of the tuner makes little difference to the power of the car when this happens you have reached the best power setting.

Whilst doing this procedure if a light appears on the dash and car goes into limp mode it indicates that the tuner is set to high and car is over fuelling, if this happens you need to turn off car ignition /engine ,turn down tuner to previous good setting and wait about 5 min for cars ECU to reset before switching ignition/engine back on